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Download BackUp MyPC BackUp MyPC 4.85 - automated CD-RW backup and restore tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $69.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 11127 KB Version: 4.85
BackUp MyPC is a powerful yet easy to use data protection and disaster recovery solution for a single computer and networked drives. It enables you to backup important files or your entire computer without having to worry about it every day, using the built in scheduling system. Just set it up once, select the files to be included and schedule it to recur at the times you specify. In the event of a hard drive crash, system failure or any other error that causes your data to get lost or corrupted, you can restore a single file or even your entire hard drive with a simple mouse click. BackUp MyPC supports hardware or software data compression, so you can maximize your storage space as well as full or partial Backups. The built in Disaster Recovery feature offers additional protection and allows you to restore your entire system without having to re-install Windows. BackUp MyPC writes data to a CD-RW drive, without the need for additional burner software. It can also backup to a tape drive or other backup devices. The program is very easy to use and does not require any technical expertise to get started. Simple wizards and a familiar Explorer style interface will guide you through the steps to create your first backup set.
Download Backup Plus Backup Plus 7.6.0 - backup tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $39.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 5144 KB Version: 7.6.0
Backup Plus enables you to define sets of files and folders to zip to disk. Features include a handy setup wizard, multidisk zip file support, variable compression, a built-in scheduler to automate your backups, and a backup task manager that keeps track of the last time each backup was performed. Other features include registry backup, easy backup restores, and error logging.
Download Backup2004 Pro Backup2004 Pro - automatic backup tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $65.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 7294 KB Version:
Backup2004 Pro is a powerful backup utility with many options and a user-friendly interface. It supports compressed backups with unlimited zip file size (Pkware, Deflate64), network drives, removable media (with spanning) and even comes with a built-in burner, so you can burn your backups straight to CD-R. You can schedule any job, upload your compressed backup archives to an FTP or HTTP server for off-site storage and more. It offers a graphical backup map, catalog, log files and can email you when a job is done. Backup2004 Pro is able to manage backup in classic mode (1 file per job) or in unique archive mode (1 file updated by each job). The interface allows you to select the folders or files to be included from a tree-view and also by wildcard. It includes pre-set backup options like: My emails, My documents, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Shell and Registry, that allow you to quickly add them to your backup routine. The backup sets are cataloged and can be searched without opening each individual archive file. Additional features include a graphical backup manager, emailing of log files and more.
Download Backup4all Backup4all 2.3.1 build 727 - backup your files, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $30.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 3726 KB Version: 2.3.1 build 727
Backup4all is a full featured backup tool that allows you to define custom backup configurations to meet your personal needs. Setting up a backup configuration is made easy by the backup wizard that guides you through every step. Options include optional file filters (by attribute, date, size, name etc.) and a built-in scheduler to run your backups unattended. Backup4all also enables you to see what files have changed since the last backup and to preview the statistics for the next backup. Additional features include password protection, zip compression, Explorer integration, incremental/differential backups, CRC32 verification, disk spanning, integrated CD/DVD burner and more. Backup4all works with any drive letter, including mapped network drives, DVD/CDR/CDRW media and UNC paths. The program comes with an attractive interface and many features.
BackupAssist 3.4.1 - Simple server backups for small business, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: 147.00 OS: WinXP,WinNT,Win2k,Win2003 Size: 10014 KB Version: 3.4.1
BackupAssist is simple, affordable and reliable backup software for the servers of small and medium business. It makes business data protection painless and automatic in 5 ways: it schedules your backups (full, incremental or differential), implements media rotation, notifies you of backup results through email, sends you reminders to load/change media, and makes it easy to perform advanced tasks like custom scripting. You can backup your files, Windows Servers, Exchange Servers and SQL Servers to a variety of different media including Tape, REV, Disk, NAS, DVD and other devices. BackupAssist provides business-class data protection and is a true alternative to products costing many times more.
Download BackupOnDemand BackupOnDemand - real-time backup tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $34.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2425 KB Version:
BackupOnDemand is a real-time backup tool, that runs in the background and monitors your important files for changes. If files (that you monitor) are changed, it automatically backs them up to an archive, using the specified location on your drive. With BackupOnDemand, your backups of important files are always kept up to the minute. In addition, the program enables you to store up the last 999 versions of each file in your archive, providing you not only with one, but multiple versions of a file, allowing you to "go back in time" and recover an older version of the file. Files stored in the BackupOnDemand archive are compressed and can be saved to to another directory, a second hard drive, a removable drive, or even across the network to another computer. In addition to the real-time backups, BackupOnDemand also offers traditional scheduled backups, periodic backups and manual backups.
Download BackUpTime BackUpTime 1.4 - backup and automation utility, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $24.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 768 KB Version: 1.4
BackUpTime is an easy to use and flexible backup and automation utility. You can create various tasks to perform actions such as backing up files (with zip support), copying them to dynamic folder locations, cleaning up junk files, execute other programs and more. You can combine any of the available actions into complex tasks that perform multiple actions. Each task can be scheduled with the built-in scheduler and supports multiple activations.
Download BackZip BackZip 0.4.0 BETA - backup tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 2404 KB Version: 0.4.0 BETA
BackZip is a simple file backup program that stores backups in standard ZIP format or as normal (uncompressed) files. The backup sets can be stored locally, on a mapped network drive, or on an FTP server. It offers various options to select the files that should be included (by mask, extension etc.) and also lets you limit zip compression to specific file extensions. In addition, you can choose to only backup the files that have changed since the last backup or copy only files that are newer than a matching file in the target directory. Other features include timestamped backup files, support for multiple backup jobs and more. BackZip does not include any scheduling features, however it does support commandline parameters, which allows you to run it via Windows Task Scheduler or other 3rd party scheduling tools.
Download Bushido Backup Bushido Backup 3.8.1 - backup tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 673 KB Version: 3.8.1
Bushido Backup is a simple, easy to use backup utility, that can backup folders and files to removeable or network drives. In addition, this program does support file compression and creation of self-extracting EXE files. Compressed backups can be password protected if desired. Bushido Backup also allows you to save your backup configurations to templates, for future recall and reuse.
Download Careful Backup Careful Backup 1.53 - backup tool, Subcategory: Backup Tools
Price: $34.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2532 KB Version: 1.53
Careful Backup is an easy to use backup tool, that allows you to backup your data to another folder or any type of removable media including floppy disk, ZIP, JAZ, MO, network locations and more. Under Windows XP, the program can also take advantage of XPs CD burning features and allows you to backup to CD. You can create multiple groups of backups and organize them into tabs. The backups can be scheduled to run automatically. Careful Backup provides options for compressed backup sets, simple copy operations and exact copies.
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