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Download Rock-It Launcher Rock-It Launcher 1.1.1 - keyboard based program launcher, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 213 KB Version: 1.1.1
Rock-It Launcher is a program and document launcher that can be operated from the keyboard (or with your mouse). Unlike traditional application launchers, it does not require you to add entries manually, as it automatically indexes your Programs menu, My Documents folder and other locations of your choice. To find and launch a program or file, all you have to do is press a hotkey on your keyboard, which brings up the Rock-It Launcher interface, and type a keyword or the first letters contained in the name of the file or folder. The program will present you with instant search results and allows you to use additional keyboard shortcuts to launch the results or open locations in Windows Explorer.
Download SmartGesture Lite SmartGesture Lite 1.1.1 - launch commands with mouse gestures, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1038 KB Version: 1.1.1
SmartGesture Lite enables you to launch different commands by using mouse gestures, rather than keyboard input. You can open files, run programs and operating system commands, launch web sites, and imitate keyboard input, all with a single gestures. The program comes with an easy to use interface and comes with pre-defined movements that can be easily assigned to your actions. It has modern, simple and intuitively understandable interface. SmartGesture Lite can also be used with Tablet PC. The Lite version is limited to 7 gestures.
Download SmartPlay SmartPlay 1.0.0 - autoplay CDs with your favorite players, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: $8.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1068 KB Version: 1.0.0
SmartPlay allows you to play inserted CDs with the player of your choice, based on the content of the CD. Every time you insert a CD into the drive, SmartPlay scans it and checks if you have configured a preferred player for the type of files on the CD, and will then autplay the content based on your preference. SmartPlay is able to autoplay files with some of the most popular Media Players by default, (BsPlayer, Windows Media Player, Winamp, MicroDVD, etc..) and you can easily configure your own with the built-in wizard interface. Additional features include commandline arguments for selected players, automatic detection of subtitle files and more.
Download Stargate Link Boss Stargate Link Boss 3.5b - launch links and programs, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: $19.99 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 904 KB Version: 3.5b
Stargate Link Boss allows you to keep all of your important programs, URLs and e-mail addresses just a click away. Quickly drag and drop new links to the hide away docking window that pops into action when needed. the toolbar supports internet shortcuts, access to the most recent used file list, desktop shortcuts, email addresses and more. Links can be categorized in custom folders (supports drag&drop) and also accessed from the tray icon menu. In addition, you can publish your links to an HTML page, share them and add additional comments and notes.
Download Super Launch-o-matic Super Launch-o-matic 1.1.0 - personal launchpad, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: $10.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 340 KB Version: 1.1.0
Super Launch-o-matic is a simple application launcher that allows you to open programs, documents, folders, web pages from an easily accessible tray menu. In addition, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to each, so the item can be launched by pressing a hotkey combination on your keyboard. Super Launch-o-matic also supports email items (one-click email sending) and text snippets that can be copied to the clipboard (email signatures etc.). The program supports drag and drop, custom categories.
SuperLauncher - Easily launch and schedule favorite programs, documents, folders, and websites, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: 29.95 OS: Win XP,Vista Size: 6209 KB Version:
Powerful launcher and scheduler that provides quick access to your favorite applications, folders, websites, and documents. Input new shortcuts by drag-n-drop, launch shortcuts using hotkeys, schedule shortcuts to run one or many times, group shortcuts, automatically insert commonly typed text, display reminders, and automate system shutdown and restart. SuperLauncher is an extremely easy to use productivity booster.
Download SureType SureType 2.0 - typed macro commands, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: $24.97 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 1041 KB Version: 2.0
SureType can automatically type frequently used text, launch applications, files or folders and more. Unlike other Hotkey or Form Filler utilities, SureType does not require to remember any special keys or to open additional windows - it works with user defined keyword instead, that can be typed in any document or input form, and will be replaced with the assigned text. You can also launch applications, open folders and send email in the same manner. The program uses a special identifier (\), to distinguish between regular typing and SureType shortcuts. For example, you could type "address" and it will be just a simple word, but if you type "address\\" (note the backslash), it will be replaced with your complete address, as stored in SureType.
Tethys Macro SDK 2.0 - Add Macro Recorder to your software, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: 0.00 OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 1462 KB Version: 2.0
Add a macro recorder to your software or create custom macro applications with Tethys Macro SDK. Provide your users with one of the most sought-after tools today. Leverage the power of SMART Macro Technology. Integrate our macro recorder with your software in just minutes & enhance your product & end-user experience. SMART Macro technology gives intelligence to macros. It senses & automatically adjusts to changes between record & re-play conditions. This provides your customers with accurate & trouble-free macros. Users will be able to create & run macros within your application in three simple steps: New, Save & Run. It is as easy as that. Integrate using API or pre-defined GUI components with just three lines of code. Simply copy-paste from sample code provided in Java, C++, VB, etc. Qualify for a free license or purchase it for a reasonable, one-time cost with no ongoing fees. Use our state-of-the-art, reliable & easy to use technology to enhance & differentiate your product.
Touch Shell Free - Must-have Windows Mobile Today Screen App, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: 0.00 OS: Win Mobile 2005,Pocket PC Size: 2568 KB Version:
Touch Shell Free 1.0 is an application offering a modern and flexible user interface for Windows Mobile Devices. The ultimate must-have for all Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone users, Touch Shell Free makes your device more usable than ever. The application features an additional Today screen, which brings all the most frequently used Windows Mobile functions at your fingertips and displays all the necessary information in a readable format. Full-screen clock, SMS, e-mail, alarm, calls, lock, appointments - now you don't need to waste your time endlessly pressing keys when you want to access these functions. With Touch Shell Free they are all at hand, saving you time. Solid and stable, yet easy-to-use, the program is designed to enhance the Windows Mobile Device user experience. Touch Shell Free enables stylus-free control over the functions, and, what's more, the user interface is totally customizable. It also provides a shortcut to Today Windows Mobile Screen. The shell adds rich graphics and fabulous 3D effects to the Windows Mobile interface. Choose one of the stunning skins to give your device a new modern look, and enjoy the logical finger-friendly interface. Just give Touch Shell Free a try - and you will love it immediately. And don't hesitate to check it out, as the app is absolutely free.
Download Tray Commander Lite Tray Commander Lite 1.2 - launch programs, folders and more, Subcategory: Application Launchers
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 253 KB Version: 1.2
Tray Commander is a multifunctional utility that lets you run your frequently used programs, files and more directly from the system tray. It adds a single icon to the tray which, when clicked, displays a customizable menu that contains the shortcuts you selected. It offers commands to open and close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown your system, run any of your favorite applications, launch any selected screensavers. send emails to specified recipients, open folders and more.
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