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BK Colour Coder - HTML color picker

BK Colour Coder Screenshot
BK Colour Coder Screenshot
BK Colour Coder lets you specify colors for all the standard elements in an HTML document. It also allows you to specify a background image to be used, and various browser-specific BODY tags. You can start from scratch, or you can import the colours and other attributes from an HTML document you already have made. You can easily manipulate the colours and attributes to your specifications - pick from a pre-defined colour pallet, or specify the red, green and blue values individually. While editing the colours, the equivalent HEX value is always visible and ready to be copied to the clipboard for use as you please, which makes the program a fast and handy RGB to HEX colour converter. Once you have finished setting all the colours and attributes you desire, the resulting HTML body code is available to view and copy to the clipboard. Alternatively, you can export the code to an HTML file. If the HTML file already exists, BK Colour Coder will simply comment out the old body code and replace it with the new one. If the file doesn't exist, the program will create a file with the new body code in it. Also, it has support for uncommon tags, specification of a background image, the ability to rip colours from anything that happens to be displayed on your screen, importing/exporing colour palettes and more!
Version: 2.0
OS: 98/NT/ME/2000
Size: 290 kb
Price: Free
Date Added: 7/29/2000
Author: WebSite
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