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Browser Cache Switch (BCS) for IE5 - keep different

Browser Cache Switch (BCS) for IE5 Screenshot
Browser Cache Switch (BCS) for IE5 Screenshot
Your browser cache is growing and growing larger. After one hour of Internet surfing, the cache might grow by 3 MB (500 files). This is only a typical value. If you keep on surfing in this way every day, after one month your cache will grow to a size of 90 MB unless you limit the size. Limiting, however, or even deleting will disable control which content is kept and which is lost. In most cases, you do not know at the moment of browsing which pages you will need later. Therefore, extracting pages selectively from cache is not useful. It is better to keep the complete cache and delete it after a long period when you are sure that you do not need this information anymore. You might want to change to a new cache folder and keep the old as backup. How can you retrieve information from cache kept as backup? The solution provided by this program is to establish more than one browser cache, to separate them from each other and switch between them as required. Up to 99 fully independent caches can be created. Each cache can be used for different time periods or topics as required. Switching is done very easily and does not destroy any information stored. Advantage for browsing: smaller cache size, for offline browsing: more structured cache enables faster retrieval of documents.
Version: 6.0.0
OS: 98/ME
Size: 582 kb
Price: $10.00 (Free Trial)
Date Added: 4/19/2002
Author: Wolfgang Baudisch
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