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Active CPU Download - monitor your system CPU Active CPU 1.1 - monitor your system CPU, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 445 KB Version: 1.1
Active CPU (ACPU) - easy to use tool that enables you to watch a graphical representation of your CPU s activity. When ACPU is running, an accurate miniature CPU usage gauge appears on the taskbar on the end opposite the "Start" button. When you touch it with the cursor, it displays the percentage of processor use in text format. The program is very similar, if not identical to the Windows 2000 performance CPU gauge in Task Manager. So if you are running Win 2k, you really don t need this.
Advanced Computer Monitor Download - monitor PC activity Advanced Computer Monitor 4.0 - monitor PC activity, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: $34.95 (Free Trial) OS: 2000/XP Size: 3044 KB Version: 4.0
Advanced Computer Monitor is a computer monitoring program, that can be used to log user activity on your computer. It records all keystrokes typed, web sites visited, programs run and also takes snapshots of the desktop in regualr intervals. The logs can be automatically emailed or saved to a network location for review. You can also access the logs in real-time from a remote computer with a web browser, using the built-in server. The program can operate in normal mode, where it displays a tray icon, or in stealth mode. Additional features include optional user warning, password protection and more.
Computer Activity Monitoring 8.04.01 - Most Stable and Easy to use software to secretly monitor computer activities, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: $129 OS: Windows2000,Windows2003,WindowsXP,Windows Vista Size: 4640 KB Version: 8.04.01
Computer Activity Monitoring is powerful software designed to monitor and record desktop and internet activities of employee computer in a network. It secretly monitors 'n' number of computers, creates online and offline recordings and takes screenshots of desktop activity every second. Runs invisibly in background and allows viewing of screenshots of desktop and internet activities of the user. Control and monitor computers in a LAN and know every detailed activity of your employees; What your employees do, when are they sitting idile or when are they browsing personal benefitted sites; view every activity LIVE and take snapshots of every activity and create movies for future references. Software is easy to use computer monitoring and desktop activity recording software which records PC activities in real time and allows you to save the displayed screenshots and convert them into movie with online and offline recording options which can be saved and viewed afterwards with Windows Media player. Have complete control on the remote monitored computers; shutdown, restart, log off, start screensaver, remove wall paper and lock any monitored computer over network from your desk and easily send messages over network to monitored computers. Compatible with Windows Vista/Windows XP/ Windows 2003/Windows 2000. Free demo version of the software is available for 07 days of trial which can be tested for monitoring purposes to 01 computer in your network. Download and test the free trial version and purchase the software licenses starting from $129. Stable, Easy to Use, and free from any Virus, Ad ware or Spy ware.
Cool Beans System Info Download - system information tool Cool Beans System Info - system information tool, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 819 KB Version:
Cool Beans System Info monitors your Internet upload and download rates, CPU usage, physical memory usage, and swap file usage and more. It displays a small, floating window (with optional transparency) that contains a graph display as well as detail information. In addition, you can access further system information from an interface that is similar to the Windows TaskManager, but displays more detailed information.
CoolMon Download - monitor system information CoolMon 1.0 Final - monitor system information, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1146 KB Version: 1.0 Final
CoolMon is a small system monitoring application that displays current system data and performance statistics on your desktop. What s cool about it is that it does not have an interface of it s own, it rather displays the data in a simple text format right on your desktop, blending in with your wallpaper or background without taking up any additional desktop space. You can customize the information to be displayed and (on Windows 2000/XP) adjust the transparency of the display as well. Most of the application s data is retrieved from the Windows 2000/XP performance counters, so while CoolMon will work on Win9x, it will display much less information than on a Win2K machine, which it is primarily intended for. CoolMon can also be configured as a server and a client allowing you to monitor remote machines on the network.
CPU Indicator Screen Saver Download - CPU monitoring screensaver CPU Indicator Screen Saver 1.0 - CPU monitoring screensaver, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 307 KB Version: 1.0
CPU Indicator Screen Saver enables you to watch a graphical representation of your CPU s activity in form of a screen saver. The program draws two diagrams, the first shows you the CPU s usage history, the second shows you the CPU s current state.
EventMeister Download - monitor Windows Event Logs EventMeister - monitor Windows Event Logs, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: $79.99 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 2954 KB Version:
EventMeister enables to to Windows Event Logs and provides features to be notified if events are logged that match your criteria. The program provides a log viewer that allows you to easily view data from all monitored eventlogs, using an easy to read format. In addition, it offers powerful filters to retrieve only the information in which you are interested and merge data from multiple logs for easier timeline analysis. You can filter, sort and reorganize columns to assist with detailed analysis and data presentation, and create multiple views of the same data. Additional features include export to CSV, HTML, XML and RSS, as well as email notifications, audio alerts and more. Using the email notification feature, you can be quickly notified if any computer is experiencing technical problems, failures or other problems. A single installation can harvest Windows Event Logs throughout your network without the need for multiple licenses.
EventTracker for Windows Download - track eventlog entries EventTracker for Windows 3.0 - track eventlog entries, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: $299.00 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 4370 KB Version: 3.0
EventTracker provides a centralized, scalable, enterprise class solution for real-time event log management, analysis and reporting for Windows NT/2000/XP. It consists of three components, the EventTracker Agent, Manager and Viewer. EventTracker Agent is a configurable, client component which operates as a service on NT/2000/MSCS machines and forwards system events to EventTracker Manager. EventTracker Manager receives and monitors events forwarded by the EventTracker Agent. It logs them into a MS Access engine. EventTracker Viewer is a Java-based GUI which can be accessed from a web browser anywhere from the Internet/Intranet. EventTracker provides configurable alerts, filters, performance monitoring and more. It can also monitor UNIX syslog events.
Filemon Download - monitor system activity Filemon 6.12 - monitor system activity, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: Free OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 91 KB Version: 6.12
Filemon monitors and displays file system activity on a system in real-time. Its advanced capabilities make it a powerful tool for exploring the way Windows works, seeing how applications use the files and DLLs, or tracking down problems in system or application file configurations. Filemon s timestamping feature will show you precisely when every open, read, write or delete, happens, and its status column tells you the outcome. Filemon is so easy to use that you ll be an expert within minutes. It begins monitoring when you start it, and its output window can be saved to a file for off-line viewing. It has full search capability, and if you find that you re getting information overload, simply set up one or more filters.
FingerPrint Download - monitor file changes FingerPrint 2.1.3 - monitor file changes, Subcategory: System Monitoring
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 1460 KB Version: 2.1.3
FingerPrint allows you to monitor whether files in monitored directories have been created, deleted, or changed since the last scan. When you first run the software it performs an initial scan of the specified directories and indexes all files with checksums, so that even the slightest change can be detected in subsequent scans. It can automatically save the results of the scan, and then use it as a base for the next scan. The results are presented in a simple, easy to read overview.
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